Date: 03 December 2017
Time: 12:00am

Help our Congregational Care team ensure every Southpoint family has a Christmas dinner and gifts for their children (up through high school). Stop by the display in the lobby at any of our campuses, before or after services on the weekends November 18 thru December 3.

• Food: Pick up an ornament from the basket at the display in the lobby or sign up to donate a ham, which must be brought back in by December 10.
• Gifts: Choose a card from the display and register the ID number with your name, then purchase and return the item with the card attached by December 10. *Do not wrap the gifts.
• Families: Your family or Group can choose to sponsor a family and provide a food basket and/or gifts by filling out a sponsor form at the display.

If you’re a regular attender of at least 6 months with a sincere need, fill out a registration form at the display in the lobby by December 3.

For more information, contact Wendy Danville, Deacon (734-558-3654 or