The environment for Commitment

What Should I Expect?

There are plenty of new people who show up for the first time nearly every weekend. We all need to pause from the regular routine and daily static to remember there’s something greater than what’s temporary and superficial. Our expressions of worship are ancient, yet we express them in today’s language, forms and media.


Relax and be yourself. Don’t worry, we’re not doing weird stuff that only the initiated are clued in to. You’ll feel comfortable whether you have a church background or not, so don’t worry about having to figure out rituals or “acting religious.” And it doesn’t matter if you’re single, married, or divorced.


Make yourself at home. It’s a casual, contemporary atmosphere, so it doesn’t matter if you wear jeans or a suit. And leave your checkbook home…there’s no “cover charge.” The offering is for those who want to further Southpoint’s ministries.


Worship involves a unique and creative mix of prayer, artistic expression, and today’s media and music (it rocks!) so that we can express love for God and celebrate His life in us. For Christ Followers, we have a brief time each week of sharing “communion” (the Lord’s Supper).


Weekend messages apply God’s Word to life’s questions and challenges in an interesting way that’s meant to be enjoyed, not endured. Different forms of communication are used to get God’s truth across, like movie clips, video and personal stories.

What About My Kids?

Your kids have their own age-appropriate rooms where they can have a great time making new friends and learning things that will help them know God, and strengthen those values that will help them grow up to be better people.

At the Trenton campus, if you have small children you’d like to keep with you in the service and they become disruptive, we have a soundproof Comfort Room at the rear of the auditorium where you can still see and hear the service. We also offer a Special Treasures class for children with unique needs during the first service on Sundays.

Sr. High teens meet for Shift SH on Sunday nights, and Jr. High teens meet for Shift JH on Monday nights. Go here for more info.

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