A community of students who are committed, connected, and contributing to Shifting Downriver towards Jesus Christ.

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Shift for High School

Sunday nights 6:30-8:00pm
Shift is a place for every High School student in Downriver where they’re wanted, accepted, and can meet tons of friends. It’s an event with live music, meaningful conversations, and lots of fun. But most of all Shift is a community of students who love Jesus Christ and are trying to make the most out of this life. Life is hard and doing life without a great community of people supporting you is even harder.

Shift for Middle School

Monday nights 6:30-8:00pm
Shift is highly concentrated and formulated just for Middle School students. It’s one ounce Crazy, one ounce Loud, and two gallons Love. Most people look down on or just don’t get Middle School students. We love ‘em and know what they’re looking for. Moms and dads, we’re here to partner with you and help you through these years. Students, we’re here to have a blast with you, and help you navigate through some tough times. No one should have to go through their Middle School years without a community of supporters and we’re here to make sure you have one.

Teen Center

Opens 1/2 hour before Shift
A hangout for talking with friends, meeting new people, enjoying a Jones Soda, Boylan, or a Snickers at the Snack Shop, playing Xbox, playing pool and foosball, doing homework, bringing dinner, or whatever!

High School C-Groups

September through May
Our groups are here to help High School students experience what real friendship was meant to be. A group of people that you can do life together with and also help each other learn how to make the most of this life we’ve been given. Groups meet in homes throughout Downriver and are made up of 6-10 students of the same gender and 2 adults. Go to our C-Group information page or come to Shift to sign up for one.

Middle School C-Groups

September through May
Middle School community groups exist to help you find friends that will last more than the next week or until your voice changes. This is where you get to have a community of friends that actually know you and care about you not because they want something, but just because. It’s a community that will not reject you or judge you when you get zits or join the chess club. This is where you get to experience what real friendships are like and people to help you navigate through the tough times during your Middle School years. Our Middle School groups meet on the Southpoint Trenton campus the same night as Shift.

If you’d like to get involved in serving in one of these areas, contact us at or register on this page.