GO:Serve is a movement led by the non-profit GOImpact360 that we partner with to get people to serve the needs of others in the community. This November, our goal is to send out 50 teams with over 500 people total to GO:Serve and you could make a huge impact with just a small investment, by being a GO:Team Leader! We provide the info, team-building support, and the service project; you invite your friends and neighbors to join you to GO:Serve our community. Interested? Sign up by October 3:


Thursday, October 5, 6:30-8:15pm
at Southpoint’s Trenton campus
There’s also a class on Tuesday at the Allen Park campus – click here for that!

Learn how to eliminate your debt by joining Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University session on debt, for free, just show up.

Free childcare available, must contact Keith Whitehouse by October 1 at kwhitehouse@southpointccc.com or 734-284-5037

More info – fpu.com


Tuesday, October 3, 6:30-8:15pm
at Southpoint’s Allen Park campus
There’s also a class on Thursday at the Trenton campus, with free childcare available – click here for that!

Learn how to eliminate your debt by joining Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University session on debt, for free, just show up.

More info – fpu.com or contact Keith Whitehouse (kwhitehouse@southpointccc.com or 734-284-5037)


Saturday, September 16 for the Trenton & Allen Park campuses.
Huron campus will schedule individually. (TR & AP will accommodate too, if needed.)

The Creative Arts Ministry is looking for people interested in being on the praise team! If you have vocal ability or play an instrument, get more info and sign up at the link below, and then we’ll be in touch to schedule your audition.


If you are more gifted with technology, we could use you as well. We need volunteers to be stage managers, run lights, cameras, and video. We provide full training for each area in production, so even if you are inexperienced but have a heart for the arts, you can give it a shot! See more info here.


Help our Congregational Care team ensure every Southpoint kid (K-12) has school supplies! Stop by the display in the lobby at any of our campuses, before or after services on the weekends July 29 thru August 20 to get connected.

TO GIVE: Pick up a tag from the basket at the display in the lobby, purchase the items listed, and bring them in by August 20.

TO RECEIVE: If you’re a regular attender of at least 6 months with a sincere need, fill out a registration form at the display in the lobby by August 20th, and you will be contacted.

For more information, contact Wendy Danville, Deacon (734-558-3654 or wendydanville@gmail.com).


Hey AP campus, we want to make a big impact in a specific group of people… and that is teachers! And specifically, teachers in Lincoln Park. And there’s no better way to show appreciation for them than to Mug-A-Teacher! That’s right we want every teacher in Lincoln Park to get a mug with some school supplies, candy, and a handwritten encouragement note. To let them know that there is a church that cares about them and values what they do. There are over 300 teachers in the district, so in order to do that we need your help. There are three ways you can help.

1. You can sign up to work at our Mug-A-Teacher booth in the Lincoln Park street fair August 25-27. We want to let the community know who we are and to invite the community to Mug-A-Teacher. Sign up now at mug.southpointccc.com to help!

2. You can donate highlighters, dry erase markers, good candy, pens, pencils, and sticky note pads. Just bring them in to the AP campus.

3. You can Mug-A-Teacher yourself. For $5 you will provide a teacher with a filled mug and you get to write a personal thank you on one of our Mug-A-Teacher cards. You can go to Info Central at AP before  to mug your teacher.

I guess a 4th way would be to do all 4. If everyone does something, we can make a huge impact by mugging every teacher in Lincoln Park!


Saturday, August 5
at All Three Southpoint Locations!

Allen Park & Trenton @ 7:30 pm with popcorn and snacks for sale
Huron @ 6:30 pm (with free popcorn for the kids, but cannot be taken into auditorium)

Based on Lee Strobel’s best-selling book, it’s a dramatic and heartfelt telling of a couple’s compelling journey; one a new Christian, the other a resolute atheist. This movie provides a unique and powerful opportunity for you to dig deeper into the evidence Strobel uncovered and applied to their own lives and faith in God. Whether you’re looking for faith, have lost faith along the way, or are strong in faith but desire to trust God more deeply, you’ll want to see this movie.

The deadline for childcare signups has passed. Trenton and Huron cannot take any more kids. But there’s more room at Allen Park – call Amber at 734-512-6261 to let her know if you need it. Please note: this movie is recommended for age 12 and over.

Share the event on Facebook – click to see it!

Watch the movie trailer here:


Saturday, August 12, 10:00am – 12:30pm
at Southpoint’s Trenton campus

Is debt overwhelming you, or are you overcoming it?
Face the fear, attack the debt, and be free.

There’s no denying that debt takes a toll on us financially, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. That’s why this study is so crucial! In less than two hours, the Eliminating Debt video study will help you create a plan to attack your debt and be free from the dangers of debt dependence. A $20 investment gets you a workbook and DVD, and the support of teachers and others in class!

If you miss the registration deadline or can’t afford $20 you are still welcome to attend to see the video and obtain copies of some forms.

Questions? Contact Keith Whitehouse – kwhitehouse@southpointccc.com or 734-284-5037


Thursdays, June 15 through August 17
Two class times – both are appropriate for beginners – 5:00pm & 6:15pm
at Southpoint’s Trenton campus

Holy Yoga, taught by Laura Baker, offers greater flexibility and strength, improved balance and coordination, and stress relief. Focus on God’s love and healing with scripture and prayer, while gaining all the benefits of yoga.

Have chronic pain? Low range of motion? Whether you’re new to yoga or familiar with it, these sessions are for you. You’ll focus on breath work, posture, stretching, balance and strength. Minimum age: 15 years. (Those aged 15-17 will need to have a parent/guardian sign a release form.)

Much more information and a weekly schedule is available on the registration webpage: