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HIS Story // Jesus Begins His Mission and Calls Disciples

January 25, 2015

The mission of HIS STORY provided the way to God so YOUR STORY can simply trust and follow Jesus. Continue reading

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HIS Story // The Birth of Hope

HIS STORY was committed to God to save the world from sin, so you can commit YOUR STORY to Jesus and find hope. Watch →

Before All Else // Talk to Him – Pray Continually

To seek God before all else, I’ll communicate with Him by praying continually. Watch →

Before All Else // Know Him – Read His Word Regularly

To seek God before all else, I’ll get to know Him and His will through reading His Word regularly. Watch →

Scandalous Family // Jesus Was A Kid Too

The Son of God became a perfect human so that He could save us from our sins. Watch →

Scandalous Family // Single, No Kids

Christ came to form a forever family through his death and resurrection that we can belong to. Watch →

Scandalous Family // Daddy Issues & Single Moms

Jesus offers hope for you no matter what a messy family situation you're from or in. Watch →