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04.20.2014Easter // From Failure To ForgivenessBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
04.13.2014The Most Crucial Question // Jesus is In-ignorableJim TuneListenDownload PDF
04.06.2014What On Earth Am I Here For? // Called To Bless OthersBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
03.30.2014What On Earth Am I Here For? // Shaped to Serve OthersMark EssickListenDownload PDF
03.23.2014What On Earth Am I Here For? // Called To Be Like ChristBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
03.15.2014What On Earth Am I Here For? // You Are Called To BelongBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
03.09.2014What On Earth Am I Here For? // Called to be loved by GodJason DeeseListenDownload PDF
03.02.2014What On Earth Am I Here For? // The Call is For You.Brett KaysListenDownload PDF
02.23.2014TRUE[ISH] // Do I have a Biblical World View?Ken TomalakListenDownload PDF
02.16.2014TRUE[ISH] // How literally should I take the Bible?Greg BobrukListenDownload PDF
02.09.2014TRUE[ISH] // Is The Bible True?Brett KaysListenDownload PDF
02.02.2014TRUE[ISH] // What is Truth?Brett KaysListenDownload PDF
01.26.2014The Trouble With Christianity // I Like Jesus, But I Don’t Like His People.Mark EssickListenDownload PDF
01.19.2014The Trouble With Christianity // Are All Religions the Same?Brett KaysListenDownload PDF
01.12.2014The Trouble With Christianity // Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good PeopleBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
01.05.2014The Trouble With Christianity // How to Deal With DoubtKen TomalakListenDownload PDF
12.29.2013Finish // The RaceBen SpencerListenDownload PDF
12.22.2013HOPE // Hoping for a Christmas
When No One's Blue
Brett KaysListenDownload PDF
12.15.2013HOPE // Hoping for a Christmas When No One Misses HeavenBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
12.08.2013HOPE // Hoping for a Christmas When No One Goes WithoutBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
12.01.2013Parables // TalentsRich CollinsListenDownload PDF
11.24.2013Parables // Before It's Too LateBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
11.17.2013Parables // Who Gives A Care?Brett KaysListenDownload PDF
11.10.2013Parables // Worth Throwing A PartyBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
11.03.2013Parables // Deal Of A LifetimeJason DeeseListenDownload PDF
10.27.2013Rich Toward God // Faith in Finances Brett KaysListenDownload PDF
10.20.2013Rich Toward God // Being a Wise Money ManagerKen TomalakListenDownload PDF
10.13.2013Rich Toward God // Don't Miss The BlessingBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
10.6.2013Rich Toward God // Giving That Feels GoodBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
9.29.2013with // no oneJason DeeseListen / WatchDownload PDF
9.22.2013with // him/herBrett KaysListen / WatchDownload PDF
9.15.2013with // themBrett KaysListen / WatchDownload PDF
9.8.2013with // JesusBrett KaysListen / WatchDownload PDF
9.1.2013Saturate // OverflowMark EssickListenDownload PDF
8.25.2013Saturate // FilterDavid ZimmermanListenDownload PDF
8.18.2013SaturateBrett Kays and James Jackson, Jr.ListenDownload PDF
8.11.2013Confessions: Dirty MouthJason DeeseListenDownload PDF
8.4.2013Confessions: My Wild SideBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
7.28.2013Confessions: Hiding AbortionBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
7.21.2013Confessions: Opening the ClosetBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
7.14.2013Confessions: Sex SecretsBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
6.30.2013Foreigners: Withstanding the PressureJason DeeseListenDownload PDF
6.23.2013Foreigners: What is Our Pledge of Allegiance?Brett KaysListenDownload PDF
6.16.2013Foreigners: Tourists or MissionariesBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
6.9.2013Foreigners: Culture ShockBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
6.2.2013Foreigners: Hope for ExilesBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
5.26.2013Unfair God: How Can a Loving God Send Someone to Hell?Ben SpencerListenDownload PDF
5.19.2013Unfair God: How Can a Loving God Allow So Much Suffering?Brett KaysListenDownload PDF
5.12.2013Vintage Church: High Octane GatheringsBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
5.5.2013Vintage Church: Qualified MechanicsKen TomalakListenDownload PDF
4.28.2013Vintage Church: Operator's LicenseJason DeeseListenDownload PDF
4.21.2013Vintage Church: Baptism - Certified CleanBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
4.14.2013Vintage Church: Genuine Parts of FaithBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
4.7.2013Vintage Church: Bringing Classic BackBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
3.31.2013The Bible: Journey from Darkness to LightBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
3.24.2013The Bible: Journey from Religion to RelationshipJason DeeseListenDownload PDF
3.17.2013The Bible: Journey from Victim to VictorBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
3.10.2013The Bible: Journey from Slavery to FreedomRich CollinsListenDownload PDF
3.3.2013The Bible: Journey from Death to LifeBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
2.24.2013idk: Can I Trust the BibleBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
2.17.2013idk: Hasn't Science Disproven Religion?Ben SpencerListenDownload PDF
2.10.2013idk: How Can You Know God Exists?Dave ZimmermanListenDownload PDF
2.3.2013Apocalypse: MillenniumBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
1.27.2013Apocalypse: RaptureBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
1.20.2013Apocalypse: ArmageddonBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
1.13.2013Apocalypse: Anti-ChristBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
1.6.2013Apocalypse: TribulationBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
12.30.2012I Came to Proclaim the TruthTyler HansonListenDownload PDF
12.23.2012Why Christmas? - I Came to Give LifeBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
12.16.2012Why Christmas? - I Came to Announce the Kingdom of GodBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
12.9.2012Why Christmas? - I Came to Proclaim the Lord's FavorBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
12.2.2012Why Christmas? - I Came to Do the Father's WillBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
11.25.12the Blessed Life: How to Respond to BlessingsJason DeeseListenDownload PDF
11.18.12the Blessed Life: Positioned to Live the Blessed LifeKen Tomalak and Rich CollinsListenDownload PDF
11.11.12the Blessed Life: I Can't Out-Give GodBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
11.4.12the Blessed Life: Can I Be Trusted?Brett KaysListenDownload PDF
10.28.12Resurrecting a Dead Marriage: Renewing Your ResolveBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
10.21.12Resurrecting a Dead Marriage: Restoring Your HopeTyler Hanson & Ben SpencerListenDownload PDF
10.14.12Resurrecting a Dead Marriage: Reviving Your LoveBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
10.7.12Resurrecting a Dead Marriage: Rebuilding Your TrustBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
9.30.12Abnormal: I Believe... But I'm Not Contributing (Part 2)David Zimmerman & Jason DeeseListenDownload PDF
9-23-12Abnormal: I Believe... But I'm Not Contributing (Part 1)Brett KaysListenDownload PDF
9-16-12Abnormal: I Believe... But I'm Not ConnectedBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
9-9-12Abnormal: I Believe... But I'm Not CommittedBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
9-2-12Light for Dark Times: Are You Sure You Know What You Believe?Ken Tomalak and Charlie SchottListenDownload PDF
8-26-12Light for Dark Times: Is God Really Living in You?Brett KaysListenDownload PDF
8-19-12Light for Dark Times: Are You Listening to False Teachers?Greg Bobruk and Rich CollinsListenDownload PDF
8-12-12Light for Dark Times: Are You Missing Out on Love?Mark EssickListenDownload PDF
8-5-12Light for Dark Times: Are You Caught in a Vice?Brett KaysListenDownload PDF
7-29-12Light for Dark Times: Are You Being Led Astray?Brett KaysListenDownload PDF
7-22-12Light for Dark Times: Are You Living a Lie?Tyler Hanson and David ZimmermanListenDownload PDF
7-15-12Light for Dark Times: Are You in a Dark Place?Jason DeeseListenDownload PDF
7-8-12God at the Movies: Yours, Mine, and OursBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
7-1-12God at the Movies: Kramer Vs. KramerBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
6-24-12God at the Movies: Cheaper by the DozenBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
6-17-12God at the Movies: CourageousBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
6-10-12The Church: UnleashedBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
5-26-12i don't know: How Can Jesus Really be The Only Way?Trent Shivley, Dave Zimmerman, and Charlie SchottListenDownload PDF
5-19-12Don't Get Married Until... You Deal With Your JunkBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
5-12-12Don't Get Married Until... You're Ready to Be a WomanBrett KaysListenDownload PDF
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