Are you 3C?

At Southpoint, everything we do revolves around 3Cs: Commitment, Connection and Contributing. These are 3 key experiences that everyone needs to become more than just a good person—or even a church-going religious person. We want more than that — to become a genuine Christ follower.


Need to find peace with God? Spiritually restless? Done things you need forgiveness for? Struggling with hurts, habits and hang-ups? Do you wonder, “What can I do to become a better person?” Need wisdom for making good decisions?

We gather each weekend for a unique and creative worship experience to focus on God and get closer to Him — it reminds us that life isn’t all about “ME”. It’s bigger than that. And as we pray, learn and love God together, we’re changed.


Are you trying to go-it-alone, or are you experiencing real community? Does anybody care about you? Are your kids making positive friendships?

We grow spiritually and learn what it means to love each other when we get together in a variety of men’s, women’s, couples, divorced, young adult, youth, and support groups that meet throughout the week.


Do you have a cause worth living for? Worth dying for? Does life have purpose? Want to meet needs and make a difference? God has given you talents, skills, passions, and resources He wants you to put to use for the good of others, and change the world. There is meaning and joy in serving God by serving people.