Our Story

Southpoint Community Christian Church

Mid-80’s / While in college, Brett Kays believed God gave him a desire to start a new church in a major city. 1991 / New Churches of Christ Evangelism (a Michigan-based church planting mission) offered Brett the opportunity and some start-up funds to begin a church in the Downriver area. 4-19-92 / After recruiting volunteers to help make phone calls to invite residents, and to serve temporarily, the church launched from scratch on Easter Sunday in Woodhaven High School with 257 in attendance. Fall-92 / Leveling out at about 100 in attendance, the church began to lease Weiss Elementary School in Woodhaven on a daily basis. 12-29-02 / Southpoint moved into it’s own building on 8 acres in Trenton. 3-26-06 / The Trenton building expanded with a phase 2 auditorium and additional rooms. 9-19-10 / The Allen Park campus held its first services in Allen Park High School, making Southpoint 1 church in 2 locations. 12-13-13 / The Allen Park campus began sharing the facility of the Christian Church of Allen Park, allowing daily use in addition to weekend services.

1 Church in 2 Locations

Southpoint is a Christ-centered, Bible-based, “Pre-Denominational” church seeking to restore New Testament faith, practices and unity.

Our Mission: To Win Downriver to Christ by Creating Christians who are Committed, Connected and Contributing

COMMITTED: to Christ
    Everyone is challenged to keep the Lord as the center of life through prayer, Bible reading, and gathering weekly to express love to Him through worship.
CONNECTED: to One Another
    Everyone needs a group of Christ followers with whom they can spiritually develop in faith, hope and love. You can find open groups listed at Info Central, on the ‘Groups wall’ at Trenton, or here.
CONTRIBUTING: to the World
    Everyone has a calling to serve with their talents, give of their resources, and influence others in the world for Christ. To try a “Sample Serve” opportunity, go to Info Central, mark the box on the Connection Card in the Program, or click here.


Core Principles

1. A Christ-Centered church [Matthew 16:16-18, 1 Peter 4:16, Acts 4:12]
The church belongs to Christ so we wear His name only, seek to emulate His character, and everything we do centers around Him.
No Creed but Christ

2. A Bible-Based church [2 Timothy 3:14-17, Ephesians 2:20, 2 Peter 1:20-21]
The Bible is God’s inerrant Word, serving as our only authority for matters of faith and practice.
Where Scripture Speaks, We Speak; Where Scripture is Silent, We are Silent

3. A Unity-Minded church [John 17:20-21, 1 Cor. 1:10-13, Ephesians 4:1-6]
Our plea is for unity in purpose, spirit and practice. As part of the historic Restoration Movement, our conviction is that the Church can be united only by restoring the New Testament church. So we like to think of ourselves as more than “non-denominational.” We’re “pre-denominational” because we’re not seeking to reform any existing church, but to bring down the walls and strip away the accumulated baggage of man-made practices, opinions and codes that have kept believers separated. We’re a free church with no outside hierarchies or headquarters, instead acting as an independent church that freely associates with others who share our beliefs, values or concerns.
In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, love.
Neither Catholic nor Protestant – just Christian.
Not the Only Christians – Christians Only.

4. A Great Commandment church [Matthew 22:37-40
This is the biblical basis for our mission. Jesus said loving God and others are the two greatest commandments that fulfill God’s expectations. When we stay focused on love, we do what’s right and best.

5. A Great Commission church [Matthew 28:19-20
This is also the biblical basis for our mission. Jesus gave us the most important cause in the world: to make disciples – more and better Christ followers. We do that by encouraging and equipping Christians to carry out their mission to use their unique gifts, personalities and opportunities to lead others to Christ. And we do it by providing excellent environments to welcome people to “come as you are” and be exposed to the message of Christ in an understandable way without unnecessary religious or cultural barriers. And because one campus alone will not be able to accomplish that mission, we want to be a reproducing church that starts new campuses and congregations.

Trenton Campus:
5699 Fort St. (at Vreeland)
Trenton MI 48183

Allen Park Campus:
Christian Church of Allen Park
7155 Norwood
Allen Park MI 48101