Welcome to Southpoint Church

Come as you are!
I hope your experience at Southpoint will help you… challenge you… inspire you… encourage you… strengthen you … disturb you and move you to action. God has entrusted the local church with carrying the life-changing message and ministry of Jesus Christ. There’s nothing else like it when it’s working as God intended.

Since 1992, we’ve been striving to be the kind of church described in the Bible — with engaging teaching, authentic worship, sincere friendships, heartfelt prayer, and compassionate care for those in need. But let me warn you: we don’t pretend to have it all together. We’re just regular people in the process of discovering God’s purposes for our lives and learning to live a life like Jesus talked about.

You don’t have to know anything about Christianity or the Bible in order to feel at home here. Our doors and hearts are open to people from all backgrounds regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey.

If you need to get started on your journey in discovering who Jesus is, read this. I believe in Him you’ll find the love, peace, hope and joy you’ve been looking for. If you’re ready to make that faith step and follow Christ, go here.

Southpoint is non-denominational because we want to be the kind of church where people from all backgrounds can feel at home by following the Bible as our only authority. As part of a Christ-centered fellowship of some 6,000 churches, we seek not to be the only Christians, but to be Christians only. We believe in putting aside the needless divisions of God’s people today, to keep the uncomplicated unity that Jesus desired, and that the early church enjoyed.

This message—that a right relationship with God is found through receiving Christ—is for all people everywhere. We would love the opportunity to discuss our beliefs with you further, or how God can meet your needs for life, love, and strength. Simply contact the office to schedule an appointment.

God’s best blessings,

Lead Minister

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